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© Nois7

Just an illusion: mental imaginations become photorealistic pictures

© John Pasche

Big bang: stuck-out tongue as a career booster

© Kobi Levi

Unique art form: shoes as „wearable sculptures“

© © 2022 by Bill Bernstein, all rights reserved

Sharp shots: visual anthropology in the focus

© photography Jason Perry

Tomorrow today: rethinking fashion in the age of digitalisation

© Ezequiel Pini/Six N. Five

Master(s) of computer generated images: dreamlike spaces in clean, modern aesthetic

© David von Bassewitz

The power of original thought processes: condensed communication in illustrations

© elBulli Foundation Archive / F. Guillamet

Feeding creativity: world famous chef turned scientist

© Homa Arkani

Medieval poet inspires contemporary painter: from realism to surrealism

© Richard Laing

Time-consuming work, great fun: bringing plasticine characters to life

© Stefan Gregorowius

Sense and sensibility: to beautify the world!

© Jason Taylor deCaires

Deep „seaing“: the magic of underwater art in unique natural sculpture parks and museums